ClearVision Technologies was formed by Paul Dehn in 2003. Mr. Dehn realized the vision that Adobe had for the paperless office while he was working with the banking industry. The vast amount of paper that was used was simply unnecessary in the digital age. This vision extended into the transport of checks between banks for account resolution. With the vision of local clearing houses eliminating the transfer of paper between banks (thus eliminating the transportation costs), Mr. Dehn set out to develop a better way for banks to conduct business.

This vision spawned the POD (proof of deposit) and MRV (microfilm replacement) products. After nearly two years of development on these products, Mr. Dehn thought about the relationship of checks to the banking industry. Checks are the banking industry’s paper headache. If you look at other industries, they have their own paper headaches. Why wouldn’t every office want to do away with the transport and storage of paper documents without losing the information contained in those documents? This led to the creation of the DMS (document management system) product. After nearly nine months of developing this product, we brought the product to market. This product provides a paperless solution for every business person. Whether you are in production/manufacturing, insurance, accounting, staffing, auto dealership, equipment renting, operate a gym/health club, or operate a medical office; ClearVision DMS is suited for your operation. Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how ClearVision DMS is suited for your business.

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