When evaluating the competitive environment, there appears to be a great divide in the document imaging business. We believe that our product is the first solution-based product on the market. The off-the-shelf packages that you can buy do not offer the functionality that nearly every business demands. Having a paper document stored as a digital image simply is not enough. People demand a better way of doing business. While office space is at a premium, simply eliminating the filing cabinet is not enough. Businesses need to be able to access a given document faster and with greater ease. ClearVision DMS fills this need.

On the other end of the spectrum, some companies offer great solution packages with tons of features that business can incorporate into their everyday business practices. The downside to these solutions is their cost. To turn an office paperless using one of these systems could cost a business owner upwards of $60,000. While these companies offer viable solutions, for many small to mid-sized businesses, this price tag is just too high.

Our product fits into a niche market. There are many businesses that cannot make a capital investment into a product whose breakeven point is measured in years. Other than price point, our product has many other marketable features. These features include:

  • Easy Implementation – ClearVision DMS has the ability to tailor your filing system to your business. From day one, your business will be on its way to becoming the paperless office.

  • Versatility – ClearVision DMS allows the user to access a given document image cross-cabinet. Every other product requires you to open the filing cabinet to look inside. If the image is not found in that cabinet, then you must search for it in another cabinet. ClearVision DMS allows you to search through every cabinet at once. This allows you to find every document that is relevant to your research quickly and easily.

  • Space Saving - By eliminating the physical filing cabinet, ClearVision DMS allows you to remove the bulky overhead that has become a permanent fixture in business offices today.This provides for room to place items that are relevant to your business needs rather than byproducts of your business operations.

  • Improved Security - With a standard filing cabinet, access is restricted to individuals that are nearby. While there are locks on physical filing cabinet, file security is limited to those cabinets that are locked. If they are locked, then individuals that need access must either have a key made or look for someone that has a key to the filing cabinet.  Therefore, many businesses today just leave the cabinets unlocked during business hours – creating a security risk. With ClearVision DMS, users only know of the cabinets that they have clearance to see. The advanced security features allow for further security down to the document level. 

  • Disaster Recovery - Many businesses would be devastated if a flood, fire, or other natural disaster occurred in their operations center. Many businesses even opt for insurance against loosing their paper document in the event of such an occurrence. Since images are stored on a digital memory device, data backup protocols allow users to produce redundant databases to be stored offsite in the event disaster recovery actions must be taken.

  • Improved Productivity - In the even a document must be located for research purposes, time spent looking for relevant documents can be cut from hours to seconds. This time can then be spent doing what you do best.

  • No Misplaced Documents - Spending time looking for a file is a waste of time. Spending time looking for a file that has been misfiled, not returned, or lost is a tragedy. These files are integral to the operation of your business or you wouldn’t be keeping them around. Never waste time looking for a file that is still on a co-worker’s desk again!

  • Scalability - Whether your business is a Fortune 50 company or a one-man operation, this software will fit your needs. This product integrates from a laptop operation to a server-based, networked system. Either way, your document images will be on your system and ClearVision DMS will scale to meet your business needs.

  • Standarized Data Format - With a Microsoft SQL database backend, images are stored in a standardized data structure. This feature, coupled with a standardized image format (jpeg, tif, etc.) ensures that a users system will be supported for years to come.

  • Increased Feature Set - As our product grows with your business, certain feature sets may become equitable investments. We are looking to provide your business with the functionality that you need. We continue to improve our product based upon your business needs. The current release included such features as PDF support, polling directories (for use with copier/scanner combos), encryption/decryption of image files, and increased scan options. Later releases are to include importing and indexing various other file formats, form print capability (the ability to print an invoice directly from the database the image will be stored in), audit tracking, browser tools, etc. The continued product development will allow you to grow your business with increased functionality and control.

These are just a few features that provide the end user with a viable reason to invest in upgrading your current filing operations. When considering the breakeven analysis for a software investment, these marketable features will appeal to every businessperson whose goal is to lower their bottom line.

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