Core Features

 Twain Support: ClearVision DMS supports Twain compatible scanners-Currently the largest image acquisition standard

 Industry Standard Database: ClearVision DMS communicates with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 backend database to store your index information

 Easy Management with Intuitive Graphical User Interface: You don't need to be an experienced system administrator to manage this software

 Cross Cabinet Searches: Search for documents across any number of cabinets. Search your entire document library instantly

 One Step Upload: Allow documents to be scanned, indexed and uploaded in one step

 Duplicate Existing Filing Structure: Create an unlimited number of cabinets, forms, and indexes to electronically store and retrieve documents

 Imaging Tools: Rotate, Zoom, Magnify, Deskew, Despeckle, and Auto Crop to view the electronic document

 Easy Backup: Easily backup images and data with a click of a mouse

 Network Compatible: From a single station to a multi station network with many users

Features Chart

For more information about how ClearVision DMS can help your company, contact us:

(888) CVTechnologies (288-3246)

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