We have developed more than just a virtual filing cabinet. Our product allows a client to scan a paper document, file it electronically, and index it for future use. The limitation of a physical filing system is that you must file something under a heading (i.e. social security number, job number, last name, etc.) Then, everything that is associated with that heading is placed in that folder. The folder is then stored in a filing cabinet following specific record retention rules (alphabetical order, ascending case number, etc.) There is no such thing as physical cross referencing. Either you duplicate a file to place it in each relevant folder, or, you pick one. With the ClearVision DMS product, there is no duplication necessary for cross-referencing. If you want to find every document that is relevant to John Doe, you can search through multiple cabinets to find these documents. If you would like to view every customer order that a given salesperson filed in a given month, this can be done in a matter of seconds rather than having to go to the filing cabinet to pick out each of these numerous orders. This is just one of the many features that contribute to ClearVision DMS being a solution based software package rather than mimicking what you are currently doing.

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